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Stressful times are the best for self healing

I was 18. I was a soldier in the Israeli army and we were told to move into Lebanon and that tomorrow there going to start a war with Syria with us on the front line. It was a very cold night and I was on top of a tank, an automatic gun in my hands. I wasn’t allowed to have my army coat on because there was a real danger that we would be attacked on the road and I needed to be ready for action. I was super scared. Maybe I’m not going to survive this.

But then, in the midst of this uncomfortable feeling a magical thing happened. I suddenly felt connected to deep relaxation and inner peace. I was 100% in the here and now. I was connecting myself to my body and my breath and it felt so good. The danger wasn’t important any more. In fact, I was grateful for it, because without it that experience would have never happened.

Since then I learned that healing and spirituality are not related to ‘right’ the environment.

In these times of pandemic and fear of getting sick and hurt, use that uncomfortable feeling to move into self loving. Into connecting with the great treasure that your body holds at its core.

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