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Session with Gyan

Thai Yoga Massage

Physical Therapy

Thai Yoga Massage is done with light clothes on, on a mat on the floor. It is a dance like meditative interaction that is also known as ‘passive yoga’. It is the best option for those who have some orthopedic issues such as lower back pain, sciatica, tight shoulders etc. 


Gyan will be using thumb presses that will open energy lines in the body combined with yoga like stretches and acupressure work. This is also the best option for those who would like to experience deep relaxation but who feel uncomfortable to take their clothes off.

NT$ 2800 / 1.5 Hours

NT$ 5600 / 3 Hours

Oil Massage

Deep Relaxation

This is for those who feel mostly supported from a direct touch on-skin. It is a journey into deep relaxation and nourishment.  The session is done using specially designed high quality oils. A special oil will be chosen for your particular need. The session is given in a meditative awareness with high attention to the client's process; opening energy lines and bringing the body into a deep restful state. 

NT$ 2800 / 1.5 Hours

NT$ 5600 / 3 Hours


Body Magic Session

Life Transformation

life transformation session. A deep therapeutic method that may include emotional expression and may also, in some cases, trigger sexual energy. See details below.

NT$ 3800 / 2 Hours

NT$ 7600 / 3 Hours

Book 3 sessions (1.5 hours) for

NT$ 10000

 ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺

LOVEHAND™ Primal Body Magic Session

The abdomen and the pelvis are home our most basic energies: our emotions, vitality and sexuality. Yet, because of cultural and psychological limitations and traumas, we suppress these energies, cutting away from this personal precious source of life. 

The symptoms of being disconnected from our core are stress, depression, unexpressed anger, depleted vitality, issues with intimacy, digestive and reproductive system health and energy issues. In many cases othopedic issues such as lower back pain.

 ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺ ➺

In Lovehand Primal Body Magic  session Gyan uses the power of breath, body awareness and conscious touch to support the client to reconnect and liberate his or her core energies. This may appear as emotional or energy release or just a sense of inner freedom. The session includes: body diagnosis, counseling, abdominal massage and pelvic release techniques, as well as guided meditation. The session is conducted in a professional yet loving, non-judgmental atmosphere.

Usually the session includes on-skin abdominal massage. But for first timers or for those who are perhaps a little shy, the session can also be done very effectively with clothes on. The objective is to create a safe and supportive environment where the client can really relax and open up.

The session has an immediate effect of releasing stress and pressure and inducing a sense of vitality and profound inner connection. Once connected, a person can clearly see the keys for their inner work thus becoming a liberated, happy, healthy and relaxed human being.

Gyan has developed this method of bodywork through insights from his personal healing journey and through many years of experience; working with clients, eastern and western, men and women, young and old.

錨點 1

What Clients Are Saying?

昨天下午我接受了Gyan的情緒能量按摩個案,我感受到把我四歲時所壓抑的很深很深的害怕和憤怒的情緒都吐了出來。因為感受到極度的安全,所以哭得酣暢淋灕、毫無保留。整個過程都感受到我的每一個呼吸Gyan都跟我在一起。 這是我從去年就一直在尋找和等待的個案


(特別標註:Gyan 中文講的很好)

腹部按摩課程學員 & 療癒師 李岩  ▏2022/03/03


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