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LOVEHAND™ - Level 3
Therapeutic massage for the abdomen and the pelvic areas

~ Abdominal massage is the most direct way to achieve relaxation and revitalization of our body. ~

Upcoming Training : Level 3

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Classes will start as soon as summer 2022

About Lovehand Level 3 Training

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● Who are the students?

1. Professional body workers who wish to add important therapeutic skills to their practice.

2. Avid massage practitioners who have extensively practiced levels 1&2 and are very proficient in practicing it. 

● Why to learn this technique?

For a professional body therapist, the ability to relieve or even solve physical issues such as lower back pain or hip pain is crucial.

Learning to apply acupressure and stretching in a correct form can give you the tools you need to solve efficiently many of these issues. 


● How is it different from different massage techniques?

This course is based on therapeutic Thai massage acupressure techniques, as taught by the Wat Po school in Bangkok.

Acupressure and stretching are fast and efficient ways of solving different orthoepic pathologies.

Gyan has learned with Noam Tyroler, who wrote the most extensive book on this system. He has been using these techniques in his practice for many years.

Gyan was certified by Noam Tyroler to teach the techniques from this book.

Students will also learn therapeutic techniques from different modalities as well techniques Gyan developed through the years of working with clients.

◎ Level 3 : 4 days, 30 hours

Therapeutic massage techniques for professional bodyworkers. This course has a prerequisite of at least of two years of professional bodywork practice. Course includes:

1. Thai Therapeutic acupressure protocols from Wat Po School in Bangkok, using sections of the book Thai Acupressure by Noam Tyroler, the most detailed Thai Acupressure book ever created. We will learn treatment protocols for different lower back pain and hip pain conditions. In addition, we will learn the locations of energy lines on the abdomen, hips and legs and techniques of clearing these channels. We will learn diagnosis tools that work with this system. Gyan is a student of Noam Tyroler and a certified teacher of this system.

2. Thai Therapeutic acupressure protocols from TMC School in Chiangmai. We will learn treatment protocols for period pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas pain. lower back pain, hip pain.

3. Therapeutic techniques practiced by Gyan through his years of work. Some of these techniques Gyan acquired from individual masters. Some techniques where invented by Gyan through years of working with clients.


4. A theoretical study of the life energy held in the pelvis and abdomen, it’s influence on body health and vitality and the different possibilities of awakening and releasing it through massage techniques. 

5. Advanced anatomical study of the abdomen and pelvis areas.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to perform a variety of therapeutic treatment protocols and acquire a range of acupressure techniques and therapeutic stretching techniques, for the lower torso area.

The course includes meditation practice.


1. Completion of level 1&2 + practice at least 100 sessions.

Or - At least two years of professional bodywork practice.

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