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Gyan Amin


Gyan Amin is a bodyworker - practitioner, and a teacher. He is using massage for emotional and energy healing as well as for physical therapy and relaxation.


He was born in Israel originally with the name of Dov Raveh. As a young kid he was close to nature and loved to read books. At his early twenties he found life very challenging and felt confused about his life purpose. Feeling that pursuing a career or getting married and starting a family were not realistic options for him,  he went on to a great journey seeking healing, inner peace and a sense of purpose in life.

In his long journey he traveled to many countries. He became a street performer in Tokyo and Europe doing clowning and mime which he found healing and emotionally liberating. 

While street performing he started to be interested in meditation which gave him a sense of centeredness and inner come within the chaotic nature of his work. He went to India where he joined the spiritual community of  Osho in Pune. There he practiced different meditation techniques taught by Osho and learned different modalities of emotional and physical therapies. There he also changed his name to Gyan Amin - meaning - sincerity and wisdom.

By and by his fascination with body mind and spirit healing systems turned to his profession - he became a bodyworker, a Thai Massage practitioner and teacher and then developed his unique approach to a bodywork modality called Lovehand, which focuses on the abdominal and pelvic areas and on emotional opening and energy work.

Gyan lives in Taiwan together with his beloved wife Punita. He is leading workshops and giving sessions, mostly in Taiwan.

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