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Massage session is a learning process

Updated: Jan 11, 2022

I’d like to give you all a tip that may change the way you experience massage, any massage, from a pleasant experience to a real pleasant experience that also teaches you something new about yourself and your own resources.

Normally we think of massage as something that we receive and relax. It is a very beneficial process as we let go of tensions, muscles stress and feel nourished by human touch. But there is a way that this already beneficial process can become a real life changing phenomenon. This can happen if we add two elements to a massage session: breath and awareness.

In my sessions I ask my clients to keep their mouth slightly open throughout the session. This causes a larger amount of oxygen than usual to enter the system and they get slightly hyper-ventilated. This is causing life energy to stir up old blocks, release suppressed emotions and so on.

I also guide the client to keep on noticing what is happening inside of them, emotions come and go, physical sensations and rising and falling of different energies in the body.

So, in effect, while massaging a certain area of the body, I’m facilitating a new reality of self perception for this person. Even though it is awareness of their own body, everything suddenly feels new. Like entering a new reality. A magical reality!

And what happens once we’ve entered a new magical reality? Naturally we start learning about it. For example, massaging a tense point in the belly is causing the client to also inwardly connect with it. Maybe realizing that there’s an emotional connection of this tension to sadness and anger. Once the emotional energy starts to release, a lot of energy starts to flow, which feels really good!

The client is learning a new ’trick’ so to speak. A new way to feel their own body, to connect and release. They are also learning that this kind of connection feels really good and fresh.

Now, this is something you can do just by yourself as you receive massage. Treat it as a meditation. Open your awareness to what is happening in your body. Connect. It is a unique opportunity through which you can discover new things about yourself. Valuable resources that may change and improve your life!

Rather than just being a passive receiver, you are learning something new and valuable about how to be connected to their own resources. And all that just through relaxing and breathing!

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