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The Space of freedom

Do you know this feeling, that you are in a certain environment or situation and suddenly you feel all relaxed and free?

It can happen while walking barefoot on the beach, feeling a little wave caressing your toes.

It can happen in the presence of a good friend, where you know you will not be judged for whatever you express. It may also happen while traveling to another country (some of you may still remember! Haha) where the new environment is giving you this feeling of ultra freedom and relaxation.

Most people don’t even allow this amazing feeling of freedom in their private time. They got used to limiting themselves and lost touch with this profound joy.

Touch, given in a loving and respectful way, creates freedom. We are, in our primal nature, social creatures who are nourished by touch. But culture has made us distanced from each other. So many of us are craving for loving touch. But we got used to the scarcity of touch.

It is amazing to observe how a person responds to loving conscious touch. Suddenly a joyous, unexpected wave of freedom is taking over. This is an amazing positive feeling of expansion. But this may also trigger feelings like sadness or other repressed emotions or energies that come to surface wanting to be expressed. And this is very beautiful.

I always feel that creating this bubble of freedom is really important and precious. A space in which one can truly relax and open up. I trust that experiencing this space of freedom helps to transform and heal.

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