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Self abdominal massage

Self abdominal massage is a natural, 24 hours available option for healing and relaxation that most of us forget we are having.

In a modern world where stress is ubiquitous, where digestive issues and other abdominal issues are common, learning self abdominal massage is a very handy skill that will upgrade anyone who uses it for life transforming quality.

The benefits are:

√ A free, fast way to relaxation

√ A way of relieving habitual tension, thus improving overall life’s wellbeing

√ Improves digestion system performance

√ Helps with prevention of menstrual pain

√ A good way to reconnect to our body

√ Helps with relieving lower back pain


Use a high quality, natural oil. Coconut oil, olive oil or grapeseed oil are all perfect.

Put it in your palm fist, warm it a little, and then apply it to the skin.

The area of the abdomen is starting just above the pubic bone, defined on the sides by the hip bones and the ribs and on the upper part by the sternum and the diaphragm muscle.

Apply the oil using basic strokes. The basic stroke is a circular movement, hand chasing hand sliding, done in a clockwise direction: starting from just below the sternum move to your left, following the left side of the rib cage, move down towards the inside of the hip bone, move right and down towards the pubic bone and complete the circle back up on the right side in the same way. Circles should alternate between wide outer rim movements to more small circles closer to the navel. (Picture one)

(Picture one)

Another technique which is a little deeper is doing the same circles but performing small scooping massage movements with the fingers. ​​(Picture two)

(Picture two)

Once you identify an area of tension a good way to try and release it is to simply stop, give it a little study pressure and wait. This is a little counterintuitive as our first impulse will be to try and ‘massage it out’ using some kind of movement. But actually stopping, pressing and feeling is a way faster way to do this.

This is such a simple, effective and absolutely free remedy that anyone can do. Nobody is too busy to give oneself a little tummy massage before sleep! Do try this, repeat daily, and let me know what happened.

I wish you relaxation, peace and happiness!

- Gyan Amin

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