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Love story with Asian style bodywork1


Since my early twenties I was deeply interested in natural healing and personal transformation, more about my personal transformation story, why was I so interested in healing and about the different adventures and paths I took I’ll write in a different entry. It’s a great story!

But to sum things up I tried many different things. All of these techniques had some influence on me and touched me in different ways. The included Body, Emotional and Energetic healing. But I was looking for something that I could practice and will really connect me to my body help me to heal from the different things I suffered from.

In the late 90’s I lived in Pune India at the Osho resort. At the time it was literally the world capital of alternative medicine and non-traditional meditation. The place was alive with thousands of visitors and offered many different courses, emotional healing, bodywork, martial arts, a mystery school and much more. As mentioned before I have participated in many of the different programs.

One day I needed a bodywork session. I had some troubles in my back that I wanted to find someone who can help me. A friend referred me to a guy that was actually just passing by and gave sessions in his simple room. The guy, like myself was an Israeli world traveler and said he practiced an art called Thai Massage. I had no clue what was he talking about but tried it anyway.

That session blew me away! It was so good. A combination of thumb, elbow, knee and feet presses with different stretches. The whole treatment had a deep silent meditative feel. I went deeper and deeper into silence and my body energy stated to flow in an alive and wonderful way.

It not only solved my back problem but connected me deeply with my own body in a meditative and deeply spiritual way.

That guy said he studied with a master which I believe must have been Master Chayut from Chiangmai who died at the early 2000’s. He planted a seed in my heart and I knew that sooner or later I will go to Thailand and start learning the art myself.

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