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Connecting to the breath

Few weeks ago I spoke about self abdominal massage. Which means using our own hands to massage our belly. This has many health benefits and it improves our vitality and mood as well. But I’d like to tell you a secret. There’s a deeper, more effective way for self massage and it involves breath awareness and breath expansion.

This needs little training but it’s a great skill to have.

Let’s do a little experiment so these written lines will become a reality for you, dear reader.

First, sit comfortably with your back straight and close your eyes.

Now, just notice your breathing process. It’s important that in the beginning you’re not trying in any way to change the quality of the breath. Do not try to relax or deepen it. Simply observe.

Is your breath fast or slow? How do you breath? Just to the chest or perhaps the breath is expanding to the belly?

Take a minute or so just to observe.

Now, using your inner eye, scan your torso area, pelvis, abdomen and chest. Find a place that feels somehow uncomfortable. Maybe painful, stinging or cold. Stay with it.

Place your hand on your body in the area of this uncomfortable place. Slightly press into the body until you feel very slight pain and stop. Do not massage the area or move in any way just stay very still.

Now, try to slowly breathe into this area. Very gently expand your breath so it will reach this area. Stay for at least five minutes.

There may be some changes happening. Like the feeling of opening and expansion and waves of warmth. Allow it. It should feel really good.

Sometimes there may be an emotional reaction and tears will start to flow. This is beautiful. Simply allow and trust.

When you feel you’ve had enough stop the hand pressure on this area, simply relax and stay in meditation for a few minutes.

This is a deep self healing method that can transform many ailments in the body both physical and energetic. If it worked once, keep on doing it!

Do try it and let us know what happened.

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