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is a commitment to spread love and

compassion through physical contact and heart opening. 

Our work is to facilitate the opening of life energy

in the body through meditation, physical and energetic healing.


means that we provide a loving hand

to support the brave souls who embark

on the path of spiritual self discovery through

self awareness, emotional, physical and sexual healing.

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Do you feel tired, having low energy missing feelings of freshness?

Do you suffer from lower back pain, stiff shoulders and neck or sour pelvis and legs?


Thai Yoga Massage with Gyan is for you!

The session is given with light clothes on using thumb presses, and yoga-like stretches. It is done in a meditative attention, always being respectful of the client's body capacity and never pushing hard!

Thai Yoga massage opens energy channels in the body and is a great way to heal chronic pains and physical limitations.


Do you feel stressed out? burned out? does your body craves for nourishment? 

Do you have problems sleeping and relaxing?

Gyan's deep relaxation oil massage is for you.

Working on the body, using Gyan's self made special aromatic oils, Gyan will use his skills to bring you into the blissful world of deep relaxation. In such state the body can truly rest, can be nourished and heal.


Do you feel blocks of energy in your belly and pelvis? Do you feel that negative emotions, such as pain, anger shame and fear unnecessarily control your life? Would you like to have a taste of the amazing potential of your life energy flow in your body?

LOVEHAND™ session is for you!

LOVEHAND™ session is using massage techniques, breath work and body awareness in order of connecting and accessing the amazing un-tapped energy potential we all hold in pelvic and abdominal areas.

This session can be given with clothes on or off, according to your preference.

It can involve encountering negative emotions and sexual energy, which will be professionally supported and processed during the session.

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The best way to explore your

own life energy is through

the supportof a group process.

Different fun but deep activities,

conscious touch, partner work

and group sharing,create a situation where one can

really meet their true self,

understand their unique issues,

let go and heal.


A session with Gyan is a dive

into meeting your life

energy  potential.


Deep relaxation,

skillful massage techniques

and free, open - mouth breath 

create a unique combination

in which magic can happen.


Welcome to my way

of working with clients

through belly massage,

pelvic opening techniques,

acupressure and breathwork.

I have seen true magic happen

through this work.


Finding out your own meditation

is very meaningful, because

it is your own discovery,

not some ritualattached to you,

so you will enjoy entering it.

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Gyan Amin was born in Israel originally with the name of Dov Raveh. As a young kid he was close to nature and loved to read books. At his early twenties he found life very challenging and felt confused about his life purpose. Feeling that pursuing a career or getting married and starting a family were not realistic options for him,  he went on to a great journey seeking healing, inner peace and a sense of purpose in life.

The reality of my life transforming simply through learning to connect to my body is simply amazing.

Jane (Aged 39) 
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