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Meditation is essential to the the practice of Lovehand bodywork and we recommend it to clients, practitioners and everyone else!

Meditation is in its essence a state of being. A state of centeredness and peace. It is the feeling that one finally has come back to one's original self.


Meditation doesn't necessarily mean seating still with crossed legs. There are many meditation techniques and each individuals  should find the one with which they have a a 'click'.

For some dance is meditation for some running and some even enter meditative state through making love.

I'm listing here few meditation practices that I often recommend to clients and students.

1. Osho Kundalini:

This is a one hour meditation, accompanied by designated music track (available everywhere online). It is divided to four stages and it is a great way to let go of stress accumulated though the day. The first two stages a re active and the following two are relaxation into silence.

It is helping with a deep let go of the body and our life energy. It is very supportive in letting go pelvic and abdominal tensions.

2. Vipassana:

Sitting down with closed eyes and watching the breath. It is a thousands years old technique that can be done anytime and anywhere. Keep your back straight and relaxed, close your eyes, watch your breathing process at the point of your diaphragm. If the mind takes you away, don't fight it but just come back to breath awareness as soon as you can.

Start with short sitting sessions, perhaps just five minutes, and slowly increase the time as you are getting more and more relaxed into it.

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