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Life Energy Transformation and Emotional Healing Workshops


* A three days introductory workshop which touches on all the issues above is availab


We have three levels, the order of attention isn’t important. The workshops are for those who wish to create a positive change in their life, find their own potential for well being and joy.


All three workshop objectives are inner connection, inner healing, inner transformation. They are designed to support self healing and aren’t training for therapists or other professional healers. But they are basic requirements for anyone who wishes to learn from Gyan the art of healing based on his book LoveHand: Primal Body Magic.


In all three workshops we will use different group activities, breathing exercises, conscious touch exercises and different meditation techniques; All aimed at supporting the students in their journey for self healing and finding their life energy potential. 

1 - Emotional Healing (main focus: Belly)


Emotional and energy benefits: Improves our well being, improves our Emotional health, more happiness in life, less emotional suppression, more joy, more ability to intimately connect with yourself and others, allowing old pain to heal.


Physical benefits: Improves digestive system function. Improves lymphatic system function. Helps to detox the body. Improves immune system function. Improves digestive system , immune system, improves general health.


Issues explored: Emotional suppression vs. Emotional freedom. Accepting and transcending dark emotions. How to combine Meditation and emotional flow.

2 - Passion, Power and Control (main focus: Diaphragm)


Benefits: Learning to deal with anger. Learning to enjoy it and use it creatively in our life. Learning to become a passionate human being.

Regaining our power, Learning to owe and love our own presence, Daring to dream,  Daring to change ourselves and the world.


Physical benefits: expanding the breath. Improving general health.


Issues explored: Power , control , Passion, Allowing emotions, The right to be here.


3 - Vitality, trust and sexuality (main focus: Pelvis)

Benefits: Improves the ability to trust oneself and others, increases joy and passion, elevates vitality which makes you feel and look younger, acceptance and relaxation around sexuality. 


Physical: better posture, helps with back and knee problems. Relaxing the pelvis significantly improves the body's dynamic abilities.And: improves reproductive system function, increases libido, helps with protection against uterus and cervical tumors and cancer. For men: helps with preventing prostate cancer.


Emotional: Will improve the ability to trust; oneself, people around you and the world. Will increase joy and passion. Will make you feel like dancing.


Energetic benefits: Grounding, connecting to the roots of life energy, connecting with Mother Earth.


Issues explored: Trust, Enjoying the body, Sexuality , abuse, Fear of death, Connecting to the earth, Meditation in movement,  Connecting heart and sex.

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