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Lovehand Traning

~ Abdominal massage is the most direct way to achieve relaxation and revitalization of our body. ~

2024 Upcoming Training : 

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​▍Thai Yoga Massage Foundation Level 1

__ Taipei  __

April 15th to 19th, 10 : 00 - 18 : 00

Location: 息息Being Co.

( near Zhishan MRT station )

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LOVEHAND™ Body Massage ( Abdominal Massage & Pelvic Release)

__ Taipei  __

Level 1 _ June  24th to 25th, 10 : 00 - 18 : 00

Level 2 _ June 26th to 28th, 10 : 00 - 18 : 00

Location: 光中心
( near Xiaobitan MRT station )


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【Student quota】

In order to ensure the quality of the course,
the class is exquisite, with 14 people full


Complete the registration form and make payment to finalize your registration.

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About Lovehand Training

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● Who are the students?

- For level one:

1. everyone who wishes to learn a practical skill, an efficient tool of making family members and friends relaxed. 2. Massage therapists who wish to expand their skills and learn a more unique and special skill that is in high demand.

- For level 2:

1. Professional body workers who wish to add important therapeutic skills to their practice.

2. Avid massage practitioners who have extensively practiced level 1 and are very proficient in practicing it. 

- Life energy opening, emotional healing bodywork:

A course for experienced massage therapists who wish to expand their skills into working with life energy flow and emotional issues through abdominal massage and pelvic release techniques.


● Why to learn this technique?

The course gives a unique combination of Thai massage techniques, Taoist techniques, western oil massage techniques as well as different therapeutic methods. The course also gives an understanding of the anatomical structure of the body, it’s different organs and different systems and how our massage techniques may affect each one of them. Also, the course gives a basic understanding on the way life energy flows in the belly and pelvis, how it is getting blocked and how it may be helped to be released.

Belly massage has a special effect on our body. It is not only about the belly itself but also influences our whole body and wellbeing.


● How is it different from different massage techniques?

Gyan is a long-time massage therapist, in the past 7 years he is concentrating on abdominal massage. Gyan learned from the best teachers of abdominal massage and also developed his own unique and effective techniques that he will show in the course.

While students may learn abdominal massage from different teachers, nowhere in the world such a unique combination, from such an experienced teacher, is available. Applying abdominal massage in the right way can create real magic in the body in a way that no other massage technique is able to do. It also can help to relieve different physical issues such as lower back pains, digestive and reproductive system issues, low energy, just to name a few. It is a deep healing experience and will be an important addition to the services the practitioners provide.

# The course can be taught on massage beds or on floor mats.

# Diplomas from Lovehand school, will be given.


◎ Level 1 : 2 days

Abdominal massage is the most direct way to achieve relaxation and revitalization of our body. Yet many people are afraid to touch this important area of the body. In this course we will get  basic professional skills of how to touch, connect and massage the belly. We will learn basic techniques of relaxing abdominal massage. 


Course topics include:

  • Abdominal oil massage for relaxation techniques

  • Pelvic release techniques

  • General anatomical study of the abdomen and pelvic areas

  • How to give a successful abdominal massage in this sensitive area.

  • Meditation practice. meditation can greatly improve treatment quality.

We will learn Oil massage and dry massage (clothes on) techniques.

We will learn basic anatomy knowledge of our lower torso muscular/bone system, digestive system, urinary system, reproductive system and lymphatic system.

The belly is our center of emotions, empathy and intuition. Applying touch to this area can become a powerful way to for deeper connection, relaxation and energy opening.

As well as abdominal massage we will learn different techniques of opening and releasing the pelvis. Most of us hold a lot of tension in our pelvis and usually we don’t even know it. Yet, it influences every aspect of our lives. We will learn basic massage and stretching techniques for opening and relaxing the pelvis.

Students will be able, upon completion of the course, to give a basic abdominal massage for relaxation. Using oil in a hands - on - body treatment as well as learning clothes on dry massage options for those who do not feel comfortable with direct touch on the body.

Students will be given workbooks clearly outlining the treatment protocol making it easy to repeat the sequence later by themselves.

The course includes meditation practice. This is an important part as learning meditative presence is an important part of giving a high quality, sensitive massage. 

◎ Level 2 : 3 days

Therapeutic massage techniques . Course includes:

1. Thai Therapeutic acupressure protocols from Wat Po School in Bangkok, using sections of the book Thai Acupressure by Noam Tyroler, the most detailed Thai Acupressure book ever created. We will learn treatment protocols for different lower back pain and hip pain conditions. In addition, we will learn the locations of energy lines on the abdomen, hips and legs and techniques of clearing these channels. We will learn diagnosis tools that work with this system. Gyan is a student of Noam Tyroler and a certified teacher of this system.

2. Thai Therapeutic acupressure protocols from TMC School in Chiangmai. We will learn treatment protocols for period pain, constipation, diarrhea, gas pain. lower back pain, hip pain.

3. Blockage release techniques. Learning a full sequence, inspired by Thai style therapeutic acupressure by the master Khun Ni’s work. We will be learning how to detox the inner organs and release long held energy in the pelvis and abdomen. Gyan has been studying with Khun Ni and got her permission to include her teachings in his training content.

4. Therapeutic techniques practiced by Gyan through his years of work. Some of these techniques Gyan acquired from individual masters. Some techniques where invented by Gyan through years of working with clients.


5. A theoretical study of the energy held in the pelvis and abdomen, it’s influence on body health and vitality and the different possibilities of awakening and releasing it through massage techniques. 

6. Advanced anatomical study of the abdomen and pelvis areas.

Upon completion of this course students will be able to perform a variety of therapeutic treatment protocols and acquire a range of acupressure techniques and therapeutic stretching techniques, for the lower torso area.

The course includes meditation practice.


Completion of level 1 


◎ Life energy opening, emotional healing bodywork. An on-going seminar.

Therapeutic massage and emotional/energy healing. Studying the connection between emotional energy, the body’s capacity for life energy expression and the physical body. Acupressure techniques on the belly and pelvis. Dealing with sexual wounds and sexual suppression. Deep study of Therapist-client dynamic in a bodywork context.  

Course topics include:

  • Learning about the connection of emotions and the physical body.

  • Techniques of supporting connection and release of negative emotions.

  • Learning about sexuality issues such as sexual suppression and sexual abuse.

  • How to face sexual arousal in treatment?

  • Study of client/therapist dynamics.

  • Therapist’s inner work in preparation and practice.

  • The importance of meditation in energy healing.

We will study different techniques of supporting deep emotional connection and release while giving abdominal massage and pelvic release.

We will experiment with the use of open mouth breathing while giving a session.

In addition, we will touch on the important subject of therapist-clients dynamics.

We will touch on the subject of sexuality and sexual energy. Sexual suppression, supporting sexually abused clients and positively facing sexual arousal while giving a session.

We will learn how to recognize and support different emotional issues such as depression, anxiety, anger suppression, emotional pain. 

The course includes meditation practice.

Please be advised that the art of emotional/energy healing is a lifelong study. Both as a personal commitment to self-healing and professional study. Our course can be an important support and study in your way but cannot act as a stand-alone course that will prepare you to perform such work.



1. Completion of level 1.

2. At least two years of professional bodywork practice.

3. Having experienced Lovehand  session at least once.

4. Having experienced deep emotional therapy

5. Being committed to self-work.

6. Interview with Gyan.

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