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Sessions and sex energy

A bodywork session that includes sexual energy may happen through a client's request to explore this energy or may happen spontaneously during the session. (In some cases the client has intentions to explore this energy but because of embarrassment, conditions, fear to offend and so on will not express this). In any case I do not use any aggressive method to let this energy happen. It usually appears simply by itself, as a side effect of breath and conscious touch techniques I apply.

Of course, many times, the sessions aren’t sexual at all but deal with issues like emotions, tensions, control, fear and anger. Sometimes sessions are purely physical in which I help to relieve some physical issue or pain.

The way I see it, sexual energy is simply part, an important part, of human energy and as such it is welcome in a session. The session is given in a loving, non-judgmental attitude.

Once sexual energy starts to move, it is important to understand that therapist and client are still keeping their respective roles of healer and receiver. A client may get at times confused as sexual energy may bring on romantic projections. But just like any transference, this has to be recognized by the therapist, accepted and contained. I generally encourage heart connection in my sessions and especially so in the context of sexuality. But that doesn’t mean that the therapist-client relations are transgressed.

Since sexuality is a taboo, the session functions as a ‘special free zone’ in which this energy is allowed and welcomed. This may have an important value for the client on many levels. The client learns to appreciate themselves as a sexual being, learns a new paradigm in which sexuality is something to love, learn and explore rather than a shameful or suppressed life issue.

The connection to sexuality has a great beneficial effect on our vitality, health and emotional well being. It is a vital part of our life energy. One doesn’t necessarily need to have a suitable partner in order to connect in a healthy way to sexuality. There’s a world of joy and deep connection that one may have simply with oneself.

I know that sexuality has a great potential, physically and spiritually, that every human can realize. That precious potential is usually un-tapped. The session (Lovehand Primal Body Magic Session) aims to give a little glimpse to this incredible potential we all have.

While connecting to sexual energy in session, it is common that different emotions get triggered, such as fear, pain and anger. This is very important. It is very valuable for the client to connect to these emotions and if possible, release them. It is the key for great self acceptance and great joy in the body.

These emotions are usually felt in specific places in the body, usually the heart, diaphragm, belly and in the pelvic area. It is important for the client to develop an awareness that will allow them to inwardly connect to these places, and through the use of breath and awareness, release them.The session is a safe place in which any emotion or energy is welcomed.

The client has a choice about the way the session is done. Do they prefer clothes on or off? Where and how to touch? The client has to know that they always have the right to say that something feels strange and they wish to stop or change, or, on the contrary, to ask for something they need, like harder or lighter touch or touch in a specific place.

The session creates a special ‘energy happening’ that in many cases can be very special for the client. I hope to inspire the client to continue finding ways to tap to this energy when they are by themselves or with a lover. I’m giving to each individual special exercises that will support this.

The session can be suitable for survivors of sexual abuse. (Not in all cases though). It is important that the client will communicate this fact to me. There are different ways in which sexual trauma can be safely touched and the client can be supported. Generally speaking, exposing the confusing emotional reality of the original situation in a safe and loving environment and helping to express it can be very beneficial. Conscious touch, given with unconditional love, can be incredibly healing.

In general, meditation practice is very supportive for this kind of connection. For some, it is perhaps a little unusual to think of sexuality and meditation as two realms that can be connected. But in order to continue and maintain sexual opening and healing an inner awareness and presence are necessary.

Meditation techniques may involve self pleasuring rituals or simply meditations or non-sexual activities that free the pelvis (such as belly dance or martial arts) which the client will perform on their own.

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