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Lower back pain 1

Lower back is one of the most common complaints. It can be just a mild nuisance but it can also become a severe condition when standing or even just moving might be excruciating.

In many cases those pains can be solved through a few simple actions that can save a trip to the doctor, the need of taking painkillers or pain relieving gels and of course all these days of agonizing pain and losing of work days or other important parts of life. (Excerpts From my book: Lovehand, Primal Body Magic )

First, to help with lower back pain, start with a self Abdominal massage.

If there is lower back pain, there is usually a corresponding contraction area in the abdominal muscles. As a result, the relief of this stress can help with the treatment of lower back pain.

Please refer to the previous post ( ) and learn how to perform a self abdominal massage.

For this exercise you can use your own feasts or a tennis ball. Some shops of Traditional Chinese massage tools sell wooden tools that are designed exactly for this purpose.

It is a simple exercise. Better performed on a yoga mat or hard mattress. Find a sore point at your lower back. Place your fist, knuckles up, directly against it. The pressure should be perpendicular to the muscles along the spine. Try to shift your body until you find the angle that really feels right. Then, do not move anymore. Stay still, Lie down and relax. Simply let your body weight do the work. Try to stay in this position for about five minutes. The tension in your spine should slowly relax in response to the constant tension. You can also try the tennis ball or a wooden appliance in exactly the same way.

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