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Healing Depression 2 - Reaching Out for Support

Depression is rooted in the unconscious decision to separate ourselves from love. By love I mean all kinds of love. The support from family, friends, the overflow of love that our nature keeps on radiating, and of course the love from our romantic partners.

This process also happens in regards to the connection to our own body. Even though we live inside of our body we have the survival mechanism of cutting away from it. Because something in us is so painful we cut away from the nourishment of our earthly body. We learn how to distract ourselves, escaping to our mind, to our obsession with smartphones, food or whatever else we come up with.

The reason why we cut ourselves out of the blessings of love is because it hurts and sometimes it hurts really badly.

The amazing thing is that in most cases that hurt is not coming from a present misfortune but it is something that has already existed in us for a long time, perhaps since our early childhood.

But that’s why it hurts. At one point in our life we opened up to love. And our openness wasn’t met with love. We either got ignored or abused… and that is really painful. Our body remembers that.

But an amazing shift towards healing, light and happiness in life can always happen. For each and every one of us, the realization that ‘it is me who is doing it, it is I who cut myself out of the blessings of love!’ is an important happening in life. For the first time we start to take responsibility for our actions, for who we are. Rather than seeing ourselves as victims we start to see ourself ACCOUNTABLE. Not because it is our fault. It isn’t. But because we are adults in a certain situation.

That is why I was saying that depression is actually a good thing. Being faced with the dark hole of misery, of losing motivation to face life, one has a chance to look a little deeper at why this situation is happening. Sure there might have been good reasons that triggered your depression. Perhaps you’ve separated from a loved one. Perhaps you lost your job. Perhaps you found yourself enable to muster your energies and face the challenges that life put in your way. But you understand that this is not the real cause of your depression. You are the cause of your depression.

Now that you saw that, you get a unique chance to heal and even find something deeper and greater about yourself that you haven’t known before.

For me, the best way to heal depression is conscious touch. Receiving loving,,conscious touch is reconnecting us with our deepest primal energies and needs. It reminds us that we have a body and that body loves to enjoy. It is reminding us not be trapped in our thoughts but get connected to the simple, earthy reality of living inside a human body.

Every bit of our bodies will benefit from loving, conscious touch. But if I’ll need to choose one part only, I’d chose the abdomen.

There is something about belly massage that is different than other part of the body. The belly is the place where we once were connected to our mother. It is the center of emotional energies. It is the place of connection, sensuality and having fun. It is where all the yummy feelings of emotional well-being originate.

It has been scientifically demonstrated that an abdominal massage has a positive influence on our emotional wellbeing and even on our overall physical health.

I’d like to encourage anyone who is facing the dark depths of depression to reach out. Find a friend that would like to support you or a massage therapist you trust and can open up with and do this simple step, reaching for touch.

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